The new Wilson Audio Alexx V is here!

The new Wilson Audio Alexx V is here!

A new Wilson speaker always gets us curious, but the new Alexx V far exceed our expectations on what could be improved on an already excellent speaker!

State-of-the-art is not a term that we throw around often, but the new Alexx V surely deserves that accolade. A result of Daryl Wilson's explorations on what's possible, and the culmination of Wilson Audio's advances in cabinet and component design, the Alexx V deserves to be considered, in that lofty category of "definitive speakers"!

Our pair, in gorgeous Porsche Silver, is installed and currently available for auditions, with partnering electronics from Nagra, D'Agostino and Audio Research.

Read all about it here, and call for an appointment for a listening session you won't soon forget!

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