Audionet VIP G3 Universal Media Player


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The Universal Virtuoso

The VIP G3 is the high performance playing device for CD-, DVD-Video- and DVD-Audio as well as SACD-formats. The VIP G3 sets remarkable new standards, even and especially for audiophiles who had lately become less impressed by anything digital.

The VIP G3 virtually breathes very amazing new life into music and movies you thought you’d know by heart – until this point. We’ve even heard word of vinyl junkies emphatically retaking anything they ever said about CDs. Which is no small feat to accomplish, you’ll agree.

Absolute Genius

Audionet’s mother of sources for any ultra high-end stereo combo plays a quite convincing role in a multichannel environment, too. The VIP G3 offers pleasant handling and comfortable features. The ergonomically designed Audionet system remote control, Harmony One, guarantees ease of use.

Discs of all formats are loaded into the 18 kg machine with ease. Above all, the VIP G3 is also a D/A-converter. Its qualities can therefore be used for all digital sources – even for computers connected via a USB audio interface.

The Disc Reference Reference Player

The predecessor models of the VIP G3 were the very first universal players to offer truly superlative playback quality for both music and films. Now, the third generation has taken the stage. The VIP G3 (Generation 3) is the ultimate statement Audionet player for familiar CD- and DVD- and SACD-media.

Our engineers improved both the cabinet and the circuit topology, turning every detail of the machine upside down. VIP G3 combines groundbreaking engineering and state-of-the-art scientific expertise with the most up-to-date pre- and power amplifier generation. Its authentic musical reproduction and the cinema-like images give you movies and music of breathtaking depth, contour and naturalness.


  • CD / CD-R / CD-RW
  • Video CD / Super VCD
  • DVD-Audio / DVD-Video
  • Stereo & multi-channel SACD
  • Dolby Digital / DTS / DTS CD / MP3
  • PAL/NTSC-progressive oder PAL/NTSC-interlaced



Front channels:  192kHz/24bit, Multibit-Delta-Sigma 
Effect channels:  96kHz/24bit, Multibit-Delta-Sigma
Sampling rates:  32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz / 176.4 kHz / 192 kHz / 2.8224 MHz 
Video:  6×14-bit-video DAC, 16-fold oversampling, 108 MHz


Technical Data

Bandwidth:  0 – 90,000 Hz (-3 dB) 
THD + N:  Front channels:
typ. 115 dB (A weighted) @ -60 dBFs
typ. 104 dB (A weighted) @ 0 dBFs
effect channels:
typ. 110 dB (A weighted) @ -60 dBFs
SNR:  111 dB 
Channel separation: > 130 dB @ 10 kHz 
Output impedance: 33 Ohm real
Max. output voltage:  3.5 Veff. 
Power consumption: max. 50 W 
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 120 mm
depth 360 mm 
Weight: 18 kg


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