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Audiopax Model 88 Amplifiers

  • Audiopax Model 88 Amplifiers - Alma Music and Audio - San Diego, California
  • Audiopax Model 88 Amplifiers - Alma Music and Audio - San Diego, California


Audiopax Model 88 Amplifiers

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Model 88 - a legend in amplification

Think about an amplifier. Any one.

Now read carefully about its history – reviews, awards, “best of the shows”, passionate declarations of its owners. Year after year.

Finally, compare the results with the amazing history of success of the Model 88. Probably only at this moment you will have the exact dimension of the real revolution that it represents for the high-end audio market and will recognize that it is a unique case, with no parallels. 

Its exclusive Timbre Lock® feature was recognized with the “Best Valve Amplifier Innovation” award from Hi-Fi News, the most traditional audiophile magazine of the United Kingdom and was described as "...a near genius application that works pure and simple". It was also for seven years (a record itself) on the “Recommended Component List” of the Stereophile Magazine (all the time as “Class A” component) and still is a reference for this publication. It received the first edition of the ”6Moons Blue Moon Award” due its "Engineering Brilliance & Massively Musical Success".

An unusual success story

The Model 88 has been refered as “a legend in its his own time”. It is a 30W monoblock single-ended power amplifier designed to be the most revealing and musical piece of electronic equipment currently available. It has evolved from years of intense research on how amplifiers interface with speakers while actually playing music. Unlike any other amplifier known to us, it exists solely to bring to you the full range of emotions previously unavailable from your music. This was the product that introduced Timbre Lock® as a feature. It has received so many enthusiastic comments from reviewers, owners and Hi-Fi show attendees. Timbre Lock® gives you the ability to dial-in and fine-tune amplifier behavior that will be best for the entire system, not just for the amplifier.

Essentially, you can adjust your system to deliver your preference for bass definition and tone. You can bring vocalists into the room in a more intimate and vividly compelling manner, all at your command. Choose your level of musical articulation, combined with your specific requirements in terms of high frequency smoothness and extension, and how relaxed you like your music. The Model88 has been in the prestigious list of Stereophile Class A Recommended Components for more than 6 years. It also won several awards all over the world, including the Hi-Fi News Industry Award for Best Valve Amplifier Innovation. The third generation was released with the largest set of improvements and options that reinforce its recognized differential.

The generation "A4"

The Model 88 as you've never heard

How to further improve an amplifier that has been the dream of countless music lovers around the world? The whole team Audiopax was dedicated for four years to this challenge, which required a dive even deeper into the concepts that guide its revolutionary topology and creating specific components for our goal. So we generated the best Model 88 has produced an amplifier that, together with our product line Maggiore , associated like no other (regardless of cost) the magic of valves control, length and strength of solid-state amplifiers. 

This new generation is an evolution not only of our consecrated version "A3" (its third generation) but also on the amazing special editions ("SE") created on it, as we move forward not only in choosing and the use of the best available components in the audio market, but also in developing new output transformers and the production of specific items for Model 88 as the exclusive coupling capacitors used, which are the outcome of two years of working with one of the most reputable companies in this market (Jupiter Condenser Co.).

New source, new components, review of all circuits and transformers. The result of all these changes has been brilliantly summarized by Srajan Ebaen, the 6Moons editor, hearing the first prototype of this series in a presentation in Munich: "Spectacular" .

And you've schedule an audition? We guarantee that you will be amazed.



Single Ended, Classe A1 (12AT7 + KT88)

Max. Power Output

Model 88: 30W RMS at 1KHz, 4 ou 8 ohms

Stereo 88: 15W RMS at 1KHz, 4 ou 8 ohms

Frequency response

14Hz - 90KHz, -3dB

Signal to noise ratio:

> 90dB (A-weighted) ref 30W


18 dB

Input Impedance: 

220K ohms

Output Impedance: 

3,7 ohms

Input Voltage

127V ou 220V

Dimensions (WxHxD, cm)

31 x 21 x 36


18kg each

Finishing (sides)

Black piano or Bordeaux


Balanced input

Stereo version (Stereo 88)



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