darTZeel CTH-8550 integrated amplifier [w/ phono]


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We have a beautiful, well taken care of traded-in darTZeel CTH-8550!

List price is $26500 with the optional MC *and* MM phono.

Price: US$ 14.900

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Until recently, an integrated amplifier was
not usually considered a valid choice for high-end audio reproduction.

This is because nearly all integrated amplifiers on the market have been built to price points that require too many concessions in circuit design and in parts quality, leading to lackluster sound. To buck this trend, we are proud to offer the darTZeel CTH-8550, an integrated amplifier built without sonic compromise.

With its dedicated dual-mono amplification sections, its Zeel inputs, its gratifyingly excellent phono stages (optional), and remarkable versatility, the CTH-8550 is the most capable integrated amplifier one could dream up.

We estimate that the CTH-8550 offers eighty-five percent of the perceived performance of its NHB-series ancestors, but at a very substantial cost savings. We have little doubt the words Close to Heaven have never sounded so true.

Control at the finger

The remote control is machined from the aluminum billet like a gold ingot, and insures the owner the listening session will be fun.

With nine analog inputs, including 1 XLR and 2 Zeel BNC 50-ohm inputs, as well as 2 optional phono inputs, any source will find its place.

With a reserve of power to tame the toughest speakers, the darTZeel CTH-8550 integrated analog amplifier is the most complete in its category.

Style and features

The darTZeel CTH-8550 bears a plasma control screen, offering an unparalleled contrast from all view angles. Numerous menus allow you to adjust finely and separately all parameters for every single source.

Pleasure Control

The volume control system is performed by an optical encoder notched magnetically, bringing to a new level of feeling. The keys in the form of steel balls add to the seductive appeal of the machine.

The darTZeel CTH-8550 inside reveals a true dual-mono design, including the separate channel windings from the main toroidal transformer. Steel frame, welded and hand finished, brings exemplary rigidity of all.

  • 7 standard inputs blended from a mix of Zeel, RCA and XLR sockets.

  •   2 additional, optional Phono inputs (1 MC, 1 MM), easy to implement at any time (factory upgrade only, though).

  •   Full HT bypass function for all inputs.

  •   1 darT preamp output for driving an external NHB-108 power amplifier.

  •   1 RCA preamp output for driving any other optional power amplifier.

  •   1 RCA REC output, with independent record source selection.

  •   A fully featured remote control, 100% darTZeel designed.

  •   A new kind of approach in mechanical housing design thanks to state of the art Laser cutting & welding technologies, ensuring unprecedented high rigidity and easier assembly and maintenance procedures.


Currently available for auditions! Give us a call to hear this giant killer in one of our reference systems, or in your own room!

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