Krell SACD Standard mkIII CD/SACD Multichannel Player


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Here’s a brand new,  in the box, “NOS” SACD player from Krell!

The conclusion from this Stereophile review:

“Krell claims that the SACD Standard offers "every bit of detail" available on an SACD. After spending some months with it, I tend to agree. Krell claims "extended bandwidth." Again, I agree. Krell claims that the Standard is an "exceptional value." I more than agree. For $4000, you get an outstanding CD player and a superb-sounding SACD player that has exceptional bass extension, control, and rhythmic surefootedness. The Standard's resolution of detail, dynamics, high-frequency extension, and soundstaging were also notable, and its overall presentation was musically and viscerally exciting without being bright, mechanical, or overly analytical. The Standard is an exciting-sounding, musically compelling player that rocks. Yet it also offers the delicacy, detail, and harmonic purity demanded by classical music.


Beautiful, uh?

The specs:

Description: Multichannel SACD/CD player using 24-bit Burr-Brown, dual-differential DACs and Philips disc transport. Digital outputs: 1 optical (TosLink), 1 S/PDIF (RCA), both CD only. Analog outputs: 1 pair balanced (XLR), 5.1-channel single-ended (RCA). Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, +0/-0.5dB. S/N Ratio: 105dB SACD, 108dB CD, both A-weighted. Channel separation: not specified.

Dimensions: 17.9" W by 5.7" H by 16.5" D. Weight: 25 lbs.

This one’s a “new old stock”, brand new, in the box! So, a perfect 10!

PRICE: $ 2650