MSB Signature DAC V with Diamond Power Base

MSB Technologies

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MSB Signature DAC V with Diamond Power Base

Make no mistake, even though this DAC has just been discontinued, this is still one of the top DACs out there, and at this price and condition, it’s a screaming bargain!

This model retailed for $24990, but it also includes the Femto Galaxy Clock ($4995 upgrade) and the Diamond Power Base ($1000 upgrade), as well as the Quad Rate USB input and Pro I2S card ($2890 option), so it can be used with an MSB transport as well (sold separately). 

Please see more information about this incredible DAC here:

The units are in immaculate condition, with no marks, and come in their original cases. We’re dealers for MSB, so we can potentially help with any issue or upgrade necessity.

Price: US$ 16900

Attention: this is a PRE-OWNED unit, and even though we are dealers for MSB, it has no warranty. It is sold as-is, and sales are final.