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Silver-Plated PCOCC Signal Conductors

Boasting silver-plated PCOCC signal conductors, Pangea Audio USB-PC USB cable is designed specifically to deliver high-speed digital audio signals. Its proprietary geometry is optimized for digital audio signal transfer. The USB High Speed 2.0 rating supports up to 480 Mbit/s data transfer rate. 

Pangea Audio's USB-PC boasts a high-purity 4% silver coating over audiophile-grade single-crystal PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting) from Japan. PCOCC (99.99999% pure) Ohno-cast copper conductors are typically ten-times more expensive than standard copper conductors. 

Most USB cables are 28-gauge or even 30-gauge. USB-PC has a large 24-gauge AWG conductors for superior signal transfer. (The smaller the gauge-number, the larger the diameter.) 

An Improvement You Can Clearly Hear

Thanks to its superior design and metallurgy, you'll be able to clearly hear a difference between USB-PC and off-the-shelf USB cables costing up to $100. In fact, in our listening tests we heard an immediately noticeable improvement even when using USB-PC with inexpensive DACs. So imagine the difference that USB-PC can make with audiophile-quality DACs and other digital audio devices! 

Superior Noise Rejection

Pangea Audio's USB-PC doesn't let airborne noise compromise performance. The conductors are precision-twisted for superior noise rejection and triple-shielded for optimized noise isolation. The 24K gold-plated contacts offer superior electrical contact. Special two-shot molded connector bodies protect vital digital connections for stable signal transfer and long life.

The unit is in perfect condition, in the original box and packaging.

ATTENTION: This information is for a PREVIOUSLY USED unit. It is NOT a brand new item, and it's not also from a brand we represent.