SolidSteel HS-B Amp Stand


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Audio tables specially made for power amps, with a solid stainless steel, tripod design. Decoupling MDF Light shelves, solid steel adjustable spikes and discs. HS-B The 48cm amp rack is designed for most standard sized power-units on the market.

Technical drawing  |  Instructions for use

Dimensions in inches
W 15.9  H 6.9  D 18.9
Dimensions of/between shelves in inches
W 15.9  H -  D 18.9
Black rubber - White lacquer - Black lacquer


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The new Hyperspike Series by Solidsteel gives a reassuring air of professionalism and reliability befitting the object it’s designed to accommodate.
It is a “technical” series, where the aesthetic lies in the functional choices, such as the harmony of geometrical relationships, the chromatic contrast between surfaces and the overall finish of its many parts. All the materials selected are of excellent quality, welded with maximum care and the most sophisticated machinery. 

The structural concept of the Hyperspike Series is functional, simple in design and effective. It consists of an MDF Light shelf (a specific type of Medium Density Fibreboard, very solid mechanically and acoustically), finished by a strong modern-looking gloss finish (available in white or black) or a special black rubberized varnish. Each type of finish offers sound absorbing and non-scratch properties. The shelf consists of a quadrangular design, noticeably rounded without corners forming a smooth, graceful profile that gives continuity to its aesthetic and practical features. The shelf is 30mm thick, 550mm deep at its maximum point (front to back) and 650mm wide; capable of accommodating most audio and A/V components including High-End products, which often cannot be accommodated by the industry standard 19-inch component size.

The three pillar design is geometrically positioned to give maximum support and minimum physical contact with the surrounding environment. The rack stems are made of high quality solid steel rods, polished by a state of the art process giving a smooth and shimmering finish. In order to provide the necessary modular structure, the frames comprise a central segment of variable length to meet diverse requirements, to which are attached the other elements that make up the rest of the support mechanism. Adding to the technical composition are securing screws, insulating spikes (very strong, beautifully welded, adjustable, strong locking with a clamping screw) and decoupling pads, also made of solid steel. Amongst the elements to be assembled are rubber o-rings, similar to a piston ring with the purpose of improving the fit while reducing the transmission of mechanical energy. This is the Hyperspike Vibration Free System, designed by Solidsteel.

The Hyperspike Series is the only range out of the Solidsteel catalogue of products capable of being stacked, with modular kits available that can be assembled according to the client’s need. The Hyperspike Series offers a multitude of solutions thanks to its upgrade kits.