SolidSteel HW-3L Three-shelf Wide Audio Rack


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Three-shelf audio table, with solid steel, five pillar structure. MDF Light shelves. Solid steel adjustable feet.

Technical drawing  |  Instructions for use

Dimensions in inches
W 50.40  H 24.40  D 16.10
Dimensions of/between shelves in inches
W -  H 8.80-8.80  D -
Matt black - White lacquer - Black lacquer



The Hyperspike Junior Series is also aimed at users of audio-video components who want to achieve the best performance possible with their system. The Hyperspike Wide Series was created, with structures capable of accommodating and supporting a wide-screen TV together with other components such as a DVD player, AV amplifier, central speaker and decoder. The Hyperspike Wide models come in a five-fixed pillar structure for maximum support with adjustable flat foot ends for maximum ease of positioning. 
Three finishes are available: matt black, white and 
black lacquer.

There are four models in the range: HW-2 and HW-3, designed for 42” TV screens while HW-2L and HW-3L are suitable for 50” TV screens.

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