SolidSteel S5-2 Twin-shelf w/ 2 levels

  • SolidSteel S5-2 Twin-shelf w/ 2 levels - Alma Music and Audio - San Diego, California
  • SolidSteel S5-2 Twin-shelf w/ 2 levels - Alma Music and Audio - San Diego, California


SolidSteel S5-2 Twin-shelf w/ 2 levels

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Solidsteel S5 Series Audio Racks 

Italian-Built S5 Series Tailor-Made for Source Components: Every Component is Individually Isolated

Breakthrough Shelf System, Aluminum Poles, Modular Design, and Customizable Options 

You'll Get Greater Stability, Higher Mass, and Knockout Sonic Performance

Setting new standards for price-to-performance while expansively improving upon its prestigious Hyperspike technology, Solidsteel's S5 Series provides incredible sonic performance, rock-solid stability, supreme isolation, and an elegantly modular design. In addition, a special anti-vibration system unique to the S5 Series moves the line to the upper echelon of its equipment class. Boasting multiple technological advancements that make for an even better-sounding structure, and offering customizable options, the Italian-made S5 Series take equipment racks—and your prized source components—to new levels of audiophile fulfillment.

Solid Aluminum Poles Mean Higher Mass, Eliminated Resonance, Greater Stability, and More
Modular in design, S5 Series racks utilize dual-isolated MDF shelves and non-welded large diameter aluminum poles. Aluminum is lighter than steel, immensely strong, non-magnetic, and an excellent damping material. By eliminating welding from the equation, S5 Series racks achieve greater isolation and eliminate resonances that develop in the hollows of welded posts. Unwanted energy and vibrations simply cannot seep into your rack. The aluminum poles also offer excellent weight handling, vastly greater stability, and, since the shelves cannot resonate the poles, enhanced isolation for each component. The entire rack is spike-supported and includes floor protectors. 

Pioneering Anti-Vibration System Means Every Component on Every Shelf Is Completely Isolated
While the S5 Series does many things well, it excels in supplying some of the best cost-no-object individual isolation in the industry. This is the rack on which to place all your source components. Each main structural shelf on every S5 sustains a second shelf that rests on four adjustable Solidsteel cones that are placed into cone-cups inset on the main shelf. This technique results in reference-class isolation as well as significantly increased total shelf mass. Each shelf is not only decoupled from the other but the most resonant part of the shelf (the center) is effectively removed. Air- and floor-borne vibrations basically become foreign entities. 

More Modular Advantages and Customizable Options 
Advantages of the S5 Series even extend to shipping and initial playback. The lighter, modular poles can be placed into smaller and tighter boxes, which are easier to pack and ship, and ensure your rack arrives safely. Moreover, every S5 rack sounds better out of the box. Why? The modularity means there's no longer a need to mass-load. Customizable options in the form of additional shelves with different length poles are also available on the S5 Series. Please call for more information. 

Multiple Shelf Configurations Available: Music Direct Will Help Find the One Perfect for You
With the S5 Series, Solidsteel has hit upon a genius design. Your components and, most importantly, your music will sound better because of it. Say goodbye to vibration and distortion, and hello to unstinting stability and precise imaging. Remember: A good equipment rack is as essential as good cables, powerful amplifiers, and revealing turntables. Because no matter how much you spend on your gear, you're wasting your money if it isn't resting on a support mechanism that provides unbeatable isolation, rock-solid stability, and vibration-free performance. 

Available In Multiple Shelf Configurations
The S5 Series is available in 2-shelf, 3-shelf, 4-shelf, or 5-shelf configurations.

Dimensions (WDH):

S5-2: 23.0" x 16.9" x 19.7" 
Between Shelves: 19.7" x 16.9" x 12"

S5-3: 23.0" x 16.9" x 29.7"
Between Shelves: 19.7" x 16.9" x 8.0" + 12.0" 

S5-4: 23.0" x 16.9" x 39.7"
Between Shelves: 19.7" x 16.9" x 8.0" + 8.0" + 12.0"

S5-5: 23.0" x 16.9" x 42.7"
Between Shelves: 19.7" x 16.9" x 7.3" + 7.3" + 7.3" + 7.3"

Twin-Shelf: 16 7/8 x 14 1/8 x ¾”