Introducing Boenicke loudspeakers!

Introducing Boenicke loudspeakers!

We are keenly aware that most people have their music systems in a common, shared living room. To that effect, most speakers pose a big problem, in that they're usually big and bulky, and usually call too much attention to themselves, and not  in a good way!

Enter Switzerland's Boenicke Audio!

Sven Boenicke has been crafting loudspeakers for more than 20 years now, with a keen eye for design, and of course, excellency in sound.

Unlike most wood-based box speakers, Boenicke does not use MDF or "panels" for his speakers, but solid wood. Two segments, carved out in a CNC machine, and seamlessly glued together, to form a beautiful, cohesive whole.

And even though they may be petite, they play BIG! We currently have the W8 in the store, and they have been amazing just about everybody that steps in. "How can these little things do this?". Honestly we don't know, but the fact remains that they're incredible sounding speakers, at real world sizes (and prices!)

So, check them out here or directly at Boenicke's website!