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Kubala-Sosna is proud to announce that there are now SIX ways to Connect to the Performance™. Each ensemble is comprised of cables that complement each other to maximize performance at the chosen level.

Revolution Z™ Series
The Fascination, Expression, Emotion and the new Elation! ensembles utilize our patented OptimiZ™ Architecture; which allows increasingly more and more detail, diction, dimension, depth, delicacy, dynamics, ambiance, texture and feeling to the music.

Kubala-Sosna believes in the performance, quality, and long-term value of our products, as they have been designed and built to satisfy you today and long into the future. We also want you to know that with your purchase, our relationship with you has not ended, it has just begun. Here is how we intend to offer you peace-of-mind ...

30/60/90 Protection

Read about it here: http://www.kubala-sosna.com/resources/warranty.htm

Upgrade Policy:

We will offer to properly registered owners of Kubala Sosna cables, the privilege of upgrading any cable to a higher category cable of similar type and length (e.g.: Expression to Emotion 1.0m RCA interconnect) thru an authorized dealer in the country of original sale. See our Upgrade Policy for details.