New Wilson Audio dealer in Southern California!

Alma Music and Audio, a high-end audio retail store based in San Diego, CA, is very proud to announce it has been appointed as Wilson Audio’s newest dealer in the region!

Wilson Audio’s place in high-end audio’s history cannot be understated. Its heritage is rich, and its customers expect nothing but excellence. And it is with that spirit that Alma Music and Audio hope to represent Wilson Audio, integrating their cutting edge speaker designs into world-class audio systems.

Wilson Audio joins a rich portfolio of brands currently being offered at Alma, such as Dan D’Agostino Music Systems, Audio Research, MSB Technologies, Kubala-Sosna Cables, darTZeel, among others.

And to kick things off, Alma Music and Audio will host a very special event to introduce the new Alexia 2 speaker! It’ll happen on the 22nd of August, and we’re very honored to have the presence of Wilson Audio’s Peter McGrath, who’ll no doubt give us a fitting introduction to WIlson Audio’s latest design, and perhaps gift us with some of his remarkable recordings!