Our best event this far!

Our best event this far!

Friday, January 19th, 2018.

As it happens, it hardly ever rains in San Diego. But of course, as it's now becoming tradition, it rained a couple of hours prior to our scheduled start. The usual traffic accidents (due to the rain) didn't help matters. But with all these obstacles, we just witnessed our biggest and best event so far!

We were extremely honored to have Peter McGrath join us one more time, for an amazing presentation of his music and the Wilson Audio speakers. On his advice, we've set up a pair of Wilson Sabrinas, with our excellent Technics entry-level electronics. A slightly-over-$20k system that, while not quite reaching the heights of our main/reference system, it blew people's minds! As set up, the system had a Technics CD player, that could easily be replaced/augmented by a Technics SL-1200GR turntable!

On the main system, we were also very happy to have MSB's SELECT II DAC once more, this time fully loaded, with Femto 33 clock as well as Mono Power Bases. MSB's Vince Galbo presented the system, pointing out that, in spite of the high price, it's a fairly simple and straightforward system. MSB's 204 monoblock amps seemed made for the Wilson Alexia Series 2! The Class A warmth was there, but the 204 lacked for nothing in terms of transparency and extension.

Due to the rain and the accidents, folks were a little late in getting in, but the room was being nicely filled as Vince went on...

Peter made some truly touching remarks about us, our store, and high-end audio dealers in general, and proceeded to amaze us all with some of his incredible recordings, including some "fresh bits", performances that he had recorded just a mere week ago back in Florida!

As expected, these were not only musically interesting, but also incredibly captured. Played back through our reference system, in our room, it was like being transported to the venue!

Finally, we'd like to thank everybody that took the time to attend our event. We hope it was an entertaining evening of good music and audio! Of course, thanks also to MSB's Vince Galbo and Wilson's Peter McGrath for their presence and continued support!

If you've missed this event, sign up for our mailing list to be notified of future events. If you'd like to hear those fantastic set ups, just stop by, as they'll be here in our reference room for a few more weeks!


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