Upgrade your YG Acoustics to Reference 3!

Upgrade your YG Acoustics to Reference 3!

Earlier this year, YG Acoustics has announced the launch of their Reference 3 series of loudspeakers. And in keeping with their tradition of preserving their client's investment, it is possible to upgrade earlier YG models to current Reference 3 specifications!

Here's a little bit of what you'll find in the new Reference 3 models:

Reference 3 benefits from YG’s industry-leading measurement and modeling capabilities, leveraging the full potential of cloud computing to run simultaneous multi-domain simulations which look beyond just the loudspeaker to the entire audio system.

High resolution finite element, fluid dynamic and electrodynamic models are run in parallel to understand the elaborate interplay of amplifier, crossover, drive units, cabinet and listening space. These simulations run with reference music recordings rather than just test tones.

This unique approach delivers exceptional real-world performance with a broad range of amplifiers and listening rooms, resulting in spine-tingling realism and imaging, not just at a tiny sweet spot, but across a broad listening area.

An entirely new, Lattice tweeter uses a novel airframe in an advanced aerospace alloy, precision machined by YG Acoustics. Based on extensive research and a huge campaign of simulation, this builds on the class-leading performance of YG’s original BilletDome, and delivers exceptionally low distortion over a huge bandwidth, with wide angular dispersion to support a large sweet-spot.

Groundbreaking, third-generation Ultracoherent crossovers utilize the deep understanding available from simulation to deliver performance never before possible: exceptional phase alignment between drivers over a huge frequency range, combined with end-to-end phase behavior which optimizes impulse and transient response, preserving the tiniest of spatial cues.

Beyond that, many other new technologies are included in Reference 3, including computationally optimized tweeter waveguides, custom YG metal foil capacitors and strategic constrained layer damping in cabinets.

Most importantly, across all genres of music, Reference 3 combines outstanding realism, fidelity and imaging with a spellbinding ability to convey the emotional content of music.

There are 3 options for your upgrade:

1. Lattice tweeter only

2. Reference 3 circuits + Lattice Tweeter

3. Full Upgrade with new faceplate.

Some earlier models might not be able to receive the full upgrade, so please contact us with the serial # of your YGs, and we'll provide you with the options!

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