We've moved!

We've moved!


We've had 38 months of fun here in La Jolla, but a number of factors had us questioning our choice of location. You've told us that, for most of you, La Jolla is just too inconvenient to get to during a normal weekday, and that you all wished we were in a more central location. 

You've also told us that we needed a better reference-level listening room, with full acoustic treatment, so our gear would be able to perform at their best.

And finally, we all could use a little extra space, right?

And we’re getting all that in our new location! We’ll be in Kearny Mesa, in the heart of the San Diego region, 2-5 minutes from most of the freeways. Convenient access, 3200 square feet of space, and one gorgeous reference room!

The current location will be have its final day on Sunday, September 24th, and we expect to be open for business at the new location on Saturday, October 27th.

So, you’re all welcome to one last visit in La Jolla, otherwise, see you all in Kearny Mesa!

The all-important new address:

7847 Convoy Court

San Diego, CA 92111


Alma Music and Audio

(619) 243-4924

(619) 243-6615