Kronos Pro


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KRONOS is an innovative turntable that breaks the rules of conventional audio design, earning the reputation of being the first of its kind. It employs two identical high mass platters, one above the other rotating in opposite directions and moving at precisely the same speed. This engineering completely eliminates torsional forces. Since the turntable is protected from mechanical and environmental vibrations, it can therefore be suspended without any negative outcomes. Finally, the judicious use of materials helps minimize the transfer of remaining mechanical vibrations emitted from the bearings and stylus friction. The result is a turntable platform with unparalleled stability. A solution so innovative that two separate patents applications are presently pending with more to come. The Pro model uses and upgraded set of German-made Maxon DCX series motors for even better performance.

Currently available for auditions! Give us a call to hear what's simply the best turntable out there, either in one of our reference systems, or in your own room!