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YG Acoustics Carmel 3 Loudspeakers

  • YG Acoustics Carmel 3 Loudspeakers
  • YG Acoustics Carmel 3 Loudspeakers

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YG Acoustics Carmel 3 Loudspeakers

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Our Reference range demonstrates the very best that can be achieved in accuracy and musicality. We are honored that these models are some of the most awarded loudspeakers in the world.

They combine advanced materials with cutting edge science and engineering. They are designed without compromise, with the singular aim of transporting listeners into the heart of the music.

Carmel 3 delivers the highest accuracy and musicality possible from a compact two-channel loudspeaker. We have applied many of our technologies from the XV, Sonja and Hailey to a compact form factor that is compatible with any room. Carmel 3 throws a huge sound-stage with effortless detail. Incredible delicacy is combined with huge power and authority.

The Reference speakers are structured from high- grade aerospace aluminum, machined in-house to an incredible precision. The speakers are meticulously hand-built by experts in our Colorado workshop.

The Reference 3 models include new technologies and design innovations based on novel theoretical models, detailed multi-domain simulations and thousands of hours of listening. The end result: loudspeakers which convey every nuance of emotion, each musical cue from the tiniest micro-detail to the visceral impact of the most thunderous crescendo.

An entirely new, hybrid Lattice tweeter uses a novel airframe in a specially-selected aerospace alloy, machined by YG Acoustics. It delivers exceptionally low distortion over a huge bandwidth, with wide angular dispersion to support a large sweet-spot.

Groundbreaking, third-generation Ultracoherent crossovers apply a deep understanding from simulation to deliver performance never before possible.

Our BilletCore drivers use advanced motors and cones machined in-house from solid billet, offering some of the highest performance and lowest distortion in any driver available today.



2-way passive floor-standing loudspeaker


Lattice hybrid tweeter with advanced airframe

18.5 cm (7.25”) BilletCore driver with advanced neodymium motor magnets


Ultracoherent circuit with crossover at 1.75 kHz

Exceptional phase alignment: ±5° relative phase between drivers from 700 Hz to 3.3 kHz, covering range where driver relative output is within 25 dB

Optimized for phase alignment, phase slope and transient response

Custom capacitors, including pure metal foil models

Advanced resistors, including multiple foil resistors for exceptional imaging and transient response

Advanced, resonance-damped inductors

Computationally optimized layouts to minimize component interactions


Usable output extends from 32 Hz to 40 kHz Exceptionally low distortion throughout range Excellent pair matching


87 dB


6 Ohms average 3.2 Ohms minimum


103 × 23 × 31 cm (H × W × D)

41 × 9 × 13” (H × W × D)


39 kg per speaker

85 lbs per speaker


Standard finishes are silver and black
Please contact your dealer for other finish options