A Walk Down Abbey Road -- Special Event!

A Walk Down Abbey Road -- Special Event!

Join the largest party ever thrown by the High End Audio industry in North America.  September 28th Saturday 3 pm to 6 pm at our store.

Over 40 dealers across 36 cities over 20 states and provinces, truly a coast to coast party, all ready to share our love of music with audiophiles, music lovers, & your friends.

There is a world of sound reproduction where music comes to life in a way you never imagined . . . where artists breath emotion in to the their work in ways that will move you like never before. It’s a state that while you have likely never experienced, you will certainly never forget. 

Music can summon different layers of emotion: the emotions conveyed by the performers or the musical body.

Music can also allow us to relive how we felt when we first heard a particular piece of music. Listening to Abbey Road, I can relive my own joy & delight in being exposed to this fantastic, whimsical world that the Beatles inhabited with Abbey Road, with songs such as Octopus's Garden, Maxwell's  Silver Hammer…

This will be a stunning musical journey for music lovers, many of whom have never heard their favorite music reproduced on a high-end music system. We encourage music lovers to spread the word & bring their friends to share in this unique event.