Alma Audio in Orange County!


We’re very excited to finally be able to host one of the famous  Los Angeles Orange County Audio Society (LAOC) monthly events! 

The main system will consist of YG Acoustics speakers, MSB SELECT II DAC, and a choice of amps by MSB, darTZeel and D’Agostino. 

The incredible Kii Audio Three speaker system will also be shown, demonstrating that a simple, compact system can also be extremely satisfying!

Joining all the fun will be YG Acoustics’ Dick Diamond, MSB Technology’s Vince Galbo, as well as LAOC’s own Joe Kubala, demonstrating his just-announced range topping Realization cable line. 

It’s all happening Sunday, January 22nd, at the Holiday Inn in Buena Park, located at 7000 Beach Blvd. Doors open at noon, and lunch will be served at 1pm.

A raffle is also planned, and parking is free!