Audio Research !

Audio Research !

Alma Music and Audio is very proud to announce our new product line: Audio Research!

Audio as a hobby tends to create legends, because it is, by nature, a very passionate affair. People get attached to products they’ve had long relationships with, and those products, in turn, become legends.

And we’re very proud to now represent one of the true legends in this hobby, Audio Research! As one of the oldest continually operating companies in American high-end audio, Audio Research earned its place in history, with many successful products over  its 40 years of existence, many of them that are now true classics.

Because of that prestigious history, and the belief that we, as a dealer, must offer a complete yet cohesive portfolio of products and assembled systems, we’re extremely happy to be able to represent Audio Research in our region!

We have currently some products available for demonstrations, such as the Reference 6 preamp and the GSi75 integrated amp, and more will come in the near future! Here is the entire product line!

Please contact us for more information or an audition!