Audio Research launch event -- Saturday 9/22!

Audio Research launch event -- Saturday 9/22!

Audio Research is on a roll! Their latest creation, the REF 160M tube monoblock amplifier is not only on the cover of this month's Stereophile magazine, but it's also right here at Alma!

We're very excited to have Aldo Filipelli from Audio Researchintroduce this new, fabulous amp to you, and tell us a little bit of what's coming in 2019! 

It's all happening Saturday, September 22nd. Two sessions will be held, one at 11am and another at 3pm.  

What goes well with tubes? Vinyl, of course! And we have another debut, the gorgeous new Bergmann Galder turntable with Bergmann Odin tonearm, as reviewed in the July edition of Stereophile.

And finally, our 3rd debut, the GigaWatt PC-4 Power Conditioner! GigaWatt is an up and coming brand out of Poland, specialized in power products, and needless to say, we are extremely impressed both with the performance as well as the fit and finish of this product!