Blue Note Nights Event @ Alma East!

Blue Note Nights Event @ Alma East!

Step into the Groove: An Evening of Exclusive First Pressing and Grails from the most revered Label in Modern Jazz at Alma Music and Audio

Calling all jazz aficionados! Join us for an evening of pure sonic bliss at Alma as we celebrate Alfred Lion’s legendary Blue Note Records label, presenting the “Finest in Jazz Since 1939”!

On March 30th at 5pm, we're hosting a special music listening event dedicated to the timeless sounds of Blue Note, as they were originally recorded and presented by recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder. Immerse yourself in the rich history and iconic recordings played on our top-of-the-line audio systems, featuring the original (first) pressings of some of the most influential, rarest, most collectible and coveted jazz albums ever made.

As this will be our first event of a planned series, and the Blue Note catalog is so vast, we will focus on records from the label’s 1500-series, centered around the 1956-1959 years.

Here's what awaits you:

  • A curated selection of Blue Note classics: We'll be spinning a collection of essential Blue Note albums, showcasing the label's signature Rudy van Gelder sound and the brilliance of jazz giants like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, among others.
  • The magic of vinyl: Experience the warmth, detail, and dynamic range that vinyl records can deliver.
  • The Original Blue Note Sound: as it was originally recorded, mastered and presented. Many of these discs are profoundly rare, some having sold for upwards of $12,000 in the condition in which they will be presented to you. You will be transported inside the Hackensack studio of the late fifties with the air, immediacy, transparency and vitality of the music as it was laid down on the day of recording by the original artists.
  • Expert commentary: Our resident jazz expert, Dr. Cooper Wriston, will provide insights into the artists, albums, and the history of Blue Note Records, adding depth to your listening experience. However, we will let the music speak for itself.
  • Refreshments and conversation: Mingle with fellow jazz lovers, share your passion for the music, and enjoy light refreshments.

This event is a perfect opportunity to:

  • Rediscover the timeless beauty of Blue Note jazz on the format it was meant to be heard on. You will experience the vitality, creativity and passion of the artists in a manner you have never experienced before, and in a way that no reissue had or ever will be able to recapture.
  • Hear the transformative difference high-fidelity audio makes to your music, as you connect to and experience the music you love in way that is not otherwise possible to reproduce or duplicate.
  • Learn more about the rich history and legacy of Blue Note Records.

Don't miss this chance to be transported to the heart of the Blue Note era!

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