First store event of 2024, and it's in San Diego with YG Acoustics!

First store event of 2024, and it's in San Diego with YG Acoustics!

Since we moved to our current location in San Diego, we haven't had the chance to do one of our usual events, so we thought we'd start the new year with one!

So, we'd like to invite you to experience the all new YG Acoustics Vantage 3 Live loudspeakers!

We've displayed and promoted YG Acoustics from our very start, and we are excited to now introduce their take on the all-active, complete solution.

It is truly a unique product: a complete system delivering stunning audio quality combined with exceptional convenience and flexibility.

Two compact, three way loudspeakers combine with an elegant controller to blend harmoniously with any size of room and all design aesthetics.

Advanced DSP crossovers have been tuned on the basis of complex, multi-domain physics and acoustic models, optimized using supercomputer and cloud computing resources.

Top tier DSP and DAC circuits provide effortless dynamics, clarity and musicality. Custom amplification provides a dedicated 700W amplifier for each of the three drive units, yet the whole system is cool and efficient. The result is a velvet black background with a beautiful, smooth delivery across all types of music. Incredible dynamics, astounding realism and deep, authoritative bass.

We'll also take this opportunity and feature the 2-way Talus, from the Peaks Series, in our smaller room. A more traditional, passive design, it'll show how good YG Acoustics' more entry-level offering is!

In attendance we'll have staff from YG Acosutics as well as Bel Canto, the company who designed the controller unit. 

As usual, snacks and beverages will be served throughout the day. Feel free to bring a friend!

If you'd like to RSVP, you can do so by clicking here!

Embark on an Auditory Odyssey: YG Acoustics Vantage 3 Live Showcase

Date: 24 / Feb / 2024

Time: starting at 11am

Location: 8250 Vickers St., Suite C, San Diego, CA 92111