[NEW!] Larsen Speakers -- now at Alma Music and Audio!

[NEW!] Larsen Speakers -- now at Alma Music and Audio!

While searching for very room-friendly speakers, we came across Larsen Speakers, out of Sweden.

Their unique design allows the speakers to be positioned flush against the back wall, while still presenting a rich, deep and immersive soundstage!

We now carry the whole Larsen line, so feel free to give us a call or stop by for an audition!

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Audio Research !

Audio Research !

Alma Music and Audio is very proud to announce our new product line: Audio Research!

Audio as a hobby tends to create legends, because it is, by nature, a very passionate affair. People get attached to products they’ve had long relationships with, and those products, in turn, become legends.

And we’re very proud to now represent one of the true legends in this hobby, Audio Research! As one of the oldest continually operating companies in American high-end audio, Audio Research earned its place in history, with many successful products over  its 40 years of existence, many of them that are now true classics.

Because of that prestigious history, and the belief that we, as a dealer, must offer a complete yet cohesive portfolio of products and assembled systems, we’re extremely happy to be able to represent Audio Research in our region!

We have currently some products available for demonstrations, such as the Reference 6 preamp and the GSi75 integrated amp, and more will come in the near future! Here is the entire product line!

Please contact us for more information or an audition!



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Alma Audio in Orange County!


We’re very excited to finally be able to host one of the famous  Los Angeles Orange County Audio Society (LAOC) monthly events! 

The main system will consist of YG Acoustics speakers, MSB SELECT II DAC, and a choice of amps by MSB, darTZeel and D’Agostino. 

The incredible Kii Audio Three speaker system will also be shown, demonstrating that a simple, compact system can also be extremely satisfying!

Joining all the fun will be YG Acoustics’ Dick Diamond, MSB Technology’s Vince Galbo, as well as LAOC’s own Joe Kubala, demonstrating his just-announced range topping Realization cable line. 

It’s all happening Sunday, January 22nd, at the Holiday Inn in Buena Park, located at 7000 Beach Blvd. Doors open at noon, and lunch will be served at 1pm.

A raffle is also planned, and parking is free!


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Linn Event! Come experience the new Klimax DS!

Linn Event! Come experience the new Klimax DS!

Product Event: Klimax feat. Katalyst

Friday 9th December 2016, 6:00pm / 7:15pm
Join us for the launch of Linn’s 4th Generation DAC Architecture – Katalyst. 

Katalyst DAC Architecture is now featured in both the Klimax DS and Klimax DSM, raising the best network music players available to an even higher level of performance.

Come and hear how the new Katalyst DAC architecture allows you to gain a deeper insight into your music.

Linn representative Darren Kavanagh will be on hand at this event to let you hear a comparison between the previous Klimax DS/DSM and the new version featuring Katalyst.


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Linn Announce New Klimax DS

Linn Announce New Klimax DS

Linn has launched the all new Klimax DS, the first product to feature Katalyst DAC Architecture – Linn’s 4th generation DAC platform.klimax_dsm_blk_front_rgb_300dpi_new_online

“Katalyst takes an unprecedented level of control over the critical elements that lie at the heart of the analogue signal’s creation, to deliver the most accurate reproduction ever from a digital source” claims the Scottish brands recent press release.

In 2007 Linn launched their original DS player and in 2016, the five key aspects below have been improved utilising Linn’s investments in R&D:

Reference Level – Now completely isolated from noise to produce a high-stability input Reference Level that generates the signal’s amplitude without variation.

Independent Power Supplies – Independent, isolated power supplies are tailored for each process, so feedback from one process cannot influence the performance of another.

Data Optimisation – Linn-designed data optimisation stage that prepares the digital signal for conversion with greater accuracy, minimising errors right at the start of the process.

Master Clock – A single high precision clock with its own independent power supply ensures greater timing accuracy throughout.

Output Driver – The new ultra-low distortion analogue output driver prepares the analogue signal for transmission out of the device, making it less susceptible to noise and degradation.

Every aspect of the original DS design was carefully drawn from first principles in order to optimise performance, from the electronics inside to the clamshell enclosure, machined from a solid billet of aluminium.klimax_online

Products and Pricing

The new Klimax DS and Klimax DSM featuring Katalyst DAC Architecture are available today in silver or black anodised finishes, with upgrades available for current owners.

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AURALiC Launch POLARIS Wireless Streaming Amplifier

AURALiC Launch POLARIS Wireless Streaming Amplifier

RMAF 2016 - Denver, October 7, 2016 - AURALIC North America Inc. is proud to introduce the POLARIS Wireless Streaming Amplifier. POLARIS has seventeen inputs channels comprising streaming, digital and analog sources. The internal DAC, incorporating AURALiC Flexible Filters and Femto Master Clock, supports Quad-Rate DSD and PCM up to 32Bit/384K. The powerful internal stereo amplifier module can deliver 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 180 watts per channel into 4 ohms continues power with exceptionally low distortion- sufficient for the most demanding loudspeakers.


POLARIS defines the AURALiC brand: innovative technology, great sound, superb user experience, and excellent value. It is a wireless streamer, a music server, a DAC, a pre-amplifier and a stereo power amplifier – the ultimate solution for music lovers seeking high quality streaming from a single, compact audio component”


POLARIS utilizes AURALiC’s award-winning Lightning Streaming Platform. Launched in 2014, Lightning Streaming is industry’s first streaming solution that supports Quad-Rate DSD, PCM up to 32Bit/384K through Wi-Fi network. Lightning Streaming offers several innovative and unique features such as Gapless Playback, On-Device Playlist, Memory Cache and Bit-Perfect Multi-Room functions. This on-going platform is maintained, and continually developed by AURALiC’s in-house software R&D team to ensure customers are regularly updated with new features through the product’s automatic software update system.


The products streaming function is operated by AURALiC’s Lightning DS control App which is at the heart of all the companies streaming products and available on iOS platforms, with Mac and Windows versions in development. It is also compatible with other third-party OpenHome or UPnP control software for playback and also works as a RoonReady endpoint to use with Roon software, bringing you an alternative way in which to discover and listen to music.


AURALiC is introducing another innovative technology: Hybrid Volume Control for POLARIS. The Hybrid Volume Control uses both analog and digital volume control together for optimum audio performance and the best possible sound quality. The analog attenuators reduce the signal level in 12dB steps whilst the DAC's internal digital volume control handles small amounts of volume change within each step. By using this technology, the DAC chip always operates in the best performance range, bringing much lower distortion, better dynamic range and high sound quality at low volume levels.



POLARIS is equipped with two pairs of multi-function RCA connectors - these two stereo pairs of analog channels can be configured as a phono stage input, a line stage input or pre-amplifier output through the product settings menu. Digital inputs include AES/EBU, Coaxial, Toslink and a USB connection to a computer working as a standalone USB DAC.


When purchasing POLARIS from a dealer or AURALiC, you can specify a 1TB SSD for internal music storage as an option at extra cost, turning POLARIS into a fully functioning Music Server.


The retail price of POLARIS starts from $3799 or €3999/£3499 in Europe (including local VAT). AURALiC and its selected dealers will start to take pre-order mid-October, shipment is scheduled mid-November.

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D'Agostino News

D'Agostino News

Exciting news from Dan D'Agostino!

We are excited to announce the Progression Mono amplifiers have begun shipping. The first units went to Hong Kong to support the 2016 Hong Kong Audio Fair this weekend - August 5th-7th. 

The Progression Mono has undergone a number of design changes during its development. The most powerful amplifier Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems has made to date, the Progression Mono delivers 500 watts into 8 ohms, doubling to 1,000 watts into 4 ohms and doubling again to 2,000 watts into 2 ohms. 

Super Rail

The biggest design enhancements incorporated into the Progression Mono amplifier is our unique Super Rail. The Super Rail is a unique input/output stage power supply topology. Simple in description but complex in execution, the Super Rail uses additional higher voltage power supplies for the input stage than the main output stage. This higher voltage front end powers the Super Rail maximizing the output stage performance. Nearly ideal operation of the output stage results. 

New but familiar aesthetics

The iconic look of the Momentum amplifiers' power meters, inspired by the elegant faces of classic Swiss watches, continues with the Progression Mono. The Progression Mono amplifier features a new meter design with a 270-degree needle swing, driven by a high-speed ballistic circuit that improves the meter's responsiveness. The longer swing allows the needle to cover the amplifier's entire output range. 

The venturi heatsink design premiered in the Momentum amplifiers has been adapted to the cooling needs of the Progression

 Mono amplifier by using a larger diameter opening for enhanced cooling capability from each heatsink. Each heatsink is milled from a single, 48.5-pound (22-kilogram) aluminum billet. 

Design thoughts from Dan...

"With the Momentum series amplifiers, I focused on combining high power output with a relatively small form factor. But I knew some of our customers had a desire for a larger, more powerful amp at a somewhat more affordable price, that's why we created the Progression series."

"These components are a little more affordable than the Momentum series, in large part because we used aluminum instead of copper for the heatsinks. Progression doesn't quite match the sonics of Momentum, but these components still have most of the hallmarks of Momentum, including through-hole construction for the best sound quality and durability, and the same unmistakable, elegant look. Like all our products, the Progression series components will be built by hand in our Arizona factory."


For more information and preliminary specifications on the Progression mono amplifier, please visit the Progression page at


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Aurender News

Aurender News

Aurender has recently announced new models for two of their most popular products, the N10 and N100H.

Since HD/storage capacity is growing at a rapid pace, now the N10 can be had in 4TB and 8TB configurations. The very popular N100H is now available in 2TB as well as 4TB.

The original configurations have kept the same pricing, with the new, upgraded capacity models having a slight upcharge.

Prices for the these models are as follows:

N10 - 8TB : $8500

N10 - 4TB : $8000

N100H - 4TB: $3000

N100H - 2TB: $2700

All models are available immediately from us! 



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